Please note that I no longer sell my music directly from my website but you can
order it using these links to the webshop of Groove Unlimited.


Available on CD and as DOWNLOAD unless otherwise stated.

  Click to order: Cathedral

  Click to order: Knights

  Click to order: Three by Three Plus Two

  Reflections of Citadel
  Only available as DOWNLOAD

  Click to order: Offshore Islands
  (Special 25 Year Anniversary Edition)

  Click to order: Synphonic Voices

  Click to order: Norland

  Click to order: Castles in the Sky

  Click to order: Forbidden

  Click to order: Imminent Shadows

  Imminent Sunshine
  Only available as DOWNLOAD

  Click to order: Vintage

  Click to order: Harbours of Life (2CD)

  Amid the Angels
  Only available as DOWNLOAD

  Life on Earth
  Only available as DOWNLOAD

  Click to order: Moon

  Click to order: Grand Finales

  Gentle Angels
  Only available as DOWNLOAD

  Click to order: Out of the Blue

  Click to order: Juxtaposition

  Juxtaposition - The Bochum Bonus
  Only available as DOWNLOAD

  Click to order: Juxtaposition - Live

  Click to order: Embracing the Inevitable

  Click to order: Juxtaposition - The
  Oirschot Concert
(Only on DVD)

  Click to order: Prelude to a Requiem (Pre-order - release: 16th September)

For DOWNLOADS go to GROOVE'S DOWNLOAD WEBSITE and under the heading "Artists" in the
LEFT colomn, just select: John Kerr and then click on "Search".

Photo © 1995 Doris Blömer