A Very Short Biography of John Kerr

John Kerr was born in England on September 16th, 1948. At the age of seven he began studying music. Pianoforte, church organ and later (when he was tall enough!) double-bass. At the age of eighteen he decided however, to put his music to one side and concentrate on a career in Graphic Design and was accepted to study at Bath Academy of Art on a degree course.
Having successfully completed his studies, he worked in London for various Advertising Agencies and Publishing Houses as a Graphic Designer. He also lectured for five years at the famous Camberwell School of Art in London.
Since October 1978, he has been living in Amsterdam in The Netherlands. He bought his first synthesizer in 1980 and began composing music while still working - full-time - in the advertising world.

In 1992 he was confronted with the decision of either continuing his work in the frantic world of advertising or leaving it to concentrate on his music. This was because he was awarded three major music prizes in that same year: 'Best Artist', 'Best Compact Disc' and 'Best Composition' of 1992, in the Electronic Music Awards of the WDR Radio in Germany with his Compact Disc 'Norland'... He choose music...