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Septmber 2018

Release of John Kerr's latest album
"Prelude to a Requiem"

John's latest CD is called "Prelude to a Requiem".
I felt it was time to try something different which resulted in a sort of “putting the cart before the horse” project which I call “Prelude to a Requiem”. I created my own inspiration for the music by designing the graphics for the production long before I started composing the music. Maybe for most people a rather strange way of doing things but then again, I have never been what most people would call ‘normal’.
With “Prelude to a Requiem” I have realized a dream. My love of the piano, the human voice and classical choirs seem to have reached a new level thanks to my discovery of virtual (software) instruments and to quote someone’s reaction after listening to an early proof-mix: “It has added a brand new dimension to John’s musical style and for those who love his previous works. ”Prelude to a Requiem” will truly amaze them“. Creating this album was certainly extremely challenging but a great deal of fun!


October 2016

Release of the John Kerr & Ron Boots "JUXTAPOSITION - The Oirschot Concert..."
on DVD video!

The DVD registration of "JUXTAPOSITION - The Oirschot Concert...".
John Kerr & Ron Boots performing live at the E-Day Electronic Music Festval at the Rabo Theatre 'De Enck' in Oirschot, The Netherlands on 16th April 2016 A two hour registration of the complete concert featuring: John Kerr (Grand Piano and Synthesizers), Ron Boots (Synthesizers and Sounddesk), Harold van der Heijden (Acoustic Drums and Percussion), Bas Broekhuis (Drums and Percussion), Frank Dorttike (Electric Guitars), Jeffrey Haster / Synthex (Synthesizers) and with a special guest appearance of John Dyson (Synthesizers).


September 2016

Unexpectedly, a brand new John Kerr album called "Embracing the Inevitable".

A new solo John Kerr album was for me also unexpected! And to be honest, I am extremely proud of the result. It's... well how can I put it? Not really live, but a kind of 'live-in-the-studio' album.
100% electronic, nevertheless sounding "pure John Kerr" (most of the time). Sometimes improvised, sometimes not. Sometimes I played with tears rolling down my cheeks and sometimes with a huge grin on my face! Featuring, produced and mastered by Ron Boots, a name that guarantees that it will sound magnificent - and it does, although I say it myself!

Maybe my most personal, maybe my most emotional and maybe my last...


December 2015

John's CD Shop is closed but his music is still available!

You can now order John's music at Groove Unlimited via the CD SHOP button on the left!

Several (but not all) titles are avaiable on CD (Compact Disc) and ALL titels are available for download (Mp3 and FLAC files, including all the artwork) GO TO GROOVE NOW (via CD SHOP button on the left)

The Bochum Concert is SOLD OUT!

New CD's being released on the 30th December 2015

September 2015

The CD Offshore Islands is celebrating its 25th Birthday...

...and yes, it's true...

April 2014

I won the 2013 Schallwelle Award
(Germany) for my "Lifetime Achievement"
in Electronic Music!

May 2013

Believe it or not I found some more copies of my CD "Out of the Blue"... It's back in the shop!!

May 2011

My OLD guestbook is viewable again!

Thanks to a tip from R. Gunther it is now possible to view my OLD guestbook again!
It is not possible to add a message in this old guestbook.
If you want to leave a message, please use the functioning guestbook using the link button on the left.

August 2010

I joined Facebook.

March 2009

I gave the website a facelift!

(Need one myself!)
I've been learning CSS. Those of you who create, design and maintain websites will know what I mean. Also I have been chatting up the BUMA/STEMRA about contracts regarding music-use on own websites... I'm now 100% legal (a wonderful feeling when you're 60, he said sarcastically)! Busy, busy, busy!

Yes, the beard's gone!!! Not much else to report at the moment I'm afraid. I know, I know... I haven't produced anything new for a few years now. Many people are asking themselves (and me) what ever has happened to John Kerr? Why isn't there a new CD on the market? Well, to be absolutely honest, I just haven't had any inspiration and have been (and still am) suffering from a sort of artistic burn-out, and instead of forcing myself to produce second-rate work just in order to keep people happy(?), I decided to wait until I got "the call" again. It's taking a long time, I know, and every month that passes, the more difficult it gets. Sometimes I wonder whether the instruments will still work when I get round to turning them on again..! I do hope you will understand my decision not to force the creative process. I truly hope that I'll be getting back onto the musical tracks again soon. Who knows... (...and by the way, thanks to the CRIMINAL IDIOTS that upload music onto the internet, the small independent artists like myzelf are forced to stop producing their music and of course finding inspiration and motivation for new material is also seriously affected. When will these jerks wake up to the fact that they are literally KILLING the music, not promoting it..?)

Amsterdam, September 25th 2003.
A walk in the park with Steffen and Birgit.

(Still thinking about music, but not doing much about it yet...)