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Three by Three Plus Two


Reflections of Citadel


Offshore Islands (Original)


Synphonic Voices




Castles in the Sky




Imminent Shadows


Imminent Sunshine




Harbours of Life


Amid the Angels


Life on Earth


Offshore Islands (Re-release)




Grand Finales


Gentle Angels


Out of the Blue


Offshore Islands - 25th Anniversary Re-release




Juxtaposition - The Bochum Bonus


Juxtaposition - LIVE! Highlights


Embracing the Inevitable


Juxtaposition - The Oirschot Concert (DVD Video)


Prelude to a Requiem



A friend of Kerr's gave him the idea of releasing an LP himself, and in March 1983 the big moment had arrived! Kerr ordered 1000 copies of "Cathedral", and a friend, Robert Moens, promoted it for him in The Netherlands. The KRO-TV played Kerr's music just a few hours after they had received the record! A few days later, the Dutch radio program "Popstation - NCRV" gave it a rave review. A Dutch Airline, Air Holland, used the title "I'm on my Way" on their 'Inflight Entertainment' music channel.

Meanwhile Kerr was working on a new project with, as inspiration, King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. In March he released the LP "Knights" and received very positive reviews in the media.

The LP "Three by Three" was released in September. The title track has a surprise... A Radio-DJ in Belgium: "Believe it or not, the walls here in the studio are still standing!"


1987 - 1990

"Reflections", the LP, was released in 1987. Music inspired by the recurring dreams that Kerr had as a young boy. Dreams of flying. Dreams of mill-ponds. Now a CD that, according to several letters received, has "healing" qualities.)

Kerr released his fifth LP album "Citadel" together with a book written by a very good friend of his, Kenneth John who lives in Arnhem, The Netherlands.

Offshore Islands is fast becoming a collectors item! During a long period of silence, Kerr discovered the possibilities of digital synthesizers and recording techniques. Via the KLEM (a club for fans of electronic music in The Netherlands) he met Ron Boots, who introduced him to the capabilities of the new (via the computer) recording technique called MIDI. Kerr and Boots decided to make a CD together and in the Summer of 1990 they worked on the project. In September that year "Offshore Islands" was released. "Offshore Islands" has since been described as a "mile-stone in the history of electronic music".


1991 - 1992

Synphonic Voices - Kerr's first solo "MIDI" venture with new compositions. This music received very good reviews in the press and other media. Kerr also re-released music from previous LPs on Compact Disc, "Reflections", "Citadel" and "Three by Three".

The CD "Synphonic Voices" was licenced to a record company, and was retitled "Voices". Also "Reflections of Citadel" was re-released with the title "Reflections".

Norland - This production was very popular in Germany and won the first prize as 'BEST CD OF 1992' in the WDR radio program Schwingungen.Another composition of Kerr's, "The Seed", won the prize 'BEST COMPOSITION OF 1992' and Kerr, himself, was voted BEST ARTIST OF 1992.

Kerr celebrated his first ten years in the 'music business' with a Mini-CD single. Twenty minutes of his best-known melodies, re-recorded (purely for fun) in a party atmosphere.

Ten Years in Twenty Minutes


Ten Years in Twenty Minutes


1993 - 1994

Castles in the Sky - A CD with music that has prompted a lot of positive reviews. "The sounds of glass and silk" reported a German newspaper. "John's Castles in the Sky convinces you that you can fly". The Dutch press reviewed it as "...after the enormous success of Kerr's "Norland", "Castles in the Sky" more than satisfies my greatest expectations."

Forbidden - A musical confrontation between Kerr and the state of the world. Originally composed as a multi-media performance.


1995 - 1998

Imminent Shadows - An emotional musical homage. A very personal work composed in honor of Kerr's mother who suddenly and unexpectedly died in September 1994. Kerr believes that the music of "Imminent Shadows" was not entirely from his own hand...

Imminent Sunshine - The positive side of "Shadows". A Compact Disc dedicated to the newly-born baby of very good friends of his. "As one departs, their place is quickly filled..."

Vintage - Rediscovered old tapes recorded in 1980 and 1981. A super-"analogue" CD!

Harbours of Life - A double CD of mammoth proportions. An ode.

Amid the Angels - A live CD. Improvisations at "The First Dutch New Age Music Festival" in the chapel of the old monastery at Gouden Handen, 's-Heerenberg, The Netherlands.

Life on Earth - The first CD since Kerr's heart attack.
"My music has always been very personal. Mostly based upon events in my life that either warranted or demanded musical interpretation."

Moon - A contrasting collection of musical works ranging from cosmic, through meditative to absolute elation!



Grand Finales - In a dream someone said to me "John, it is nearly the year 2000. Not everyone gets to witness a new millennium and with your sort of music you shouldn't let this important event go by unnoticed...". Being who and what I am, I listened to my dream and heeded what it was telling me. I have compiled a CD of all my "Grand Finales". All the 'big-production' numbers on one CD... a real celebration!

Gentle Angels - The music of "Gentle Angels" can be best compared to my CD "Amid The Angels". Although the general (accoustic) atmosphere of the production sounds simple, it was one of my most difficult and complex productions to date.



Out of the Blue - The music of "Out of the Blue" has been compared to "Norland" and "Castles in the Sky".


Other Artists, other productions

(Own lable: TBN Records)




Wet Dreams

Ararat - Various Artists
"New Age" compilation CD with very varied styles.
Artists: Coen Bais, Max Folmer, Jos Koning,
Paul Vens, Chris Hinze, Godina, Jan Meiborg,
Joop Hogendoorn, Eric Snelders, John Kerr
and Lenny Kuhr.

Wet Dreams - Kerrisma. Best-selling erotic music
"Music especially designed for intimate moments"